Rev. Marilyn Moeller, Pastor


Pastor Marilyn Moeller currently serves New Horizons United Methodist Church in Columbia. Her spouse, Eugene serves as pastor in the California UMC and they reside in California, MO. They are new to Missouri, having lived most of their life in South Dakota and the last three years in northwest North Dakota.

She has served as a Licensed Local Pastor for the past nine years in the Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist Church, having attended Course of Study at St. Paul School of Theology in Independence, MO, and completed her seminary coursework at the COR site now in Leawood, KS.

Although having first felt God’s claim on her life in elementary school, it was with her husband Eugene that she first seriously considered answering that call! After much contemplation and indecisiveness, they both took a leap of faith at an altar call in their home church of Riverview United Methodist Church in Huron. SD.

It was when their grandchildren moved to the St. Louis area that Marilyn & Eugene first considered moving out of the Dakotas Conference. In order to be the kind of grandparents they desired to be, closer proximity called them to the Missouri Conference of the UMC. Grandsons Andrés and Lucas are young enough to think grandma and grandpa are still kind of fun to be around, and that was just too enticing to pass up! Jackson (Marilyn & Eugene’s oldest son) and Jackson’s wife Lorena are both plant geneticists in the St. Louis area. Jackson is also serving in the Wisconsin National Guard Band.

Curtis, their youngest son is currently a music director for several theatres in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and the most favorite part of his job is working with a youth theatre. Curtis is contemplating a move to the St. Louis area.

Marilyn taught secondary school for seventeen years in South Dakota in the areas of Family and Consumer Science, Psychology, Sociology, Health and English. Just prior to becoming a pastor, she spent three years managing a program for teen moms through a local South Dakota YWCA program.

Through the years, people have asked Marilyn, “Why Methodism?” Marilyn’s response can always be summed up in one word,

grace – that unmerited love of God! The means of grace are those ways in which God works invisibly to bestow grace. Wesley defined the means of grace as outward signs, words, or actions ordained of God, and appointed for this end — to be the ordinary channels whereby he might convey to men preventing (prevenient), justifying, or sanctifying grace. Marilyn notes she is truly humbled by the awesome opportunity to walk alongside folks in the New Horizons UMC blending faith journeys in the heart of central Missouri!