Leadership Board Chair                     Carol Oliver
Lay Leader                                         Ron Miller
Lay Member  to Annual Conference
Stewardship/Finance                         Lenora Miller, Chair and Financial Secretary
                                                           Pat Fleischer, Treasurer
                                                           Carrol Blackwell

Staff-Parish Relations                       Ellen Haynes, Chair
                                                           Kathy Dempsey

Trustees                                             Lyndell Gallatin, Chair
                                                           Rich Oliver
                                                           Jeff Pitts

Nominations & Leadership                Marilyn Moeller, Pastor
Development Committee                   Ron Miller, Lay Leader
                                                           Marilyn Bell
                                                           Elma Certain
                                                           Christopher Morgan



Teams, Coordinator                           Diana Baldwin
Invite Ministry Team Leader              Connie Morgan
Grow Ministry Team                           Lucy Lee, Education
                                                           Joyce Ollendike, Worship
Serve Ministry Team                          Gloria Pifer
                                                           Becky Widener
                                                           Sheryl Jennings
Membership Secretary                       Rev. Elma Certain
Safe Sanctuaries
Local Church Authority                     Cindy Harper
Prayer Ministry                                  Luella Adams
     On The Horizons weekly               Lenora Miller, Editor
     New Horizons News                      Carol Oliver, Editor
     Facebook                                      Christopher Morgan, Editor

     Website                                         Diana Baldwin

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN             Cindy Harper, President

UNITED METHODIST MEN                  Ron Miller, President

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA                 Michael Wise, Boy Scout Troop 7 Liaison
                                                          Mark Dempsey,  BS Cub Scout Pack 7 Liaison