simon PETER
A Flawed Yet Faithful Follower of Jesus
CURRENT SERIES – 6 Weeks –   August 20 – September 24
Simon Peter.  An ordinary fisherman turned follower of Jesus.  Faithful, yet flawed.  The first to profess that
Jesus was the Son of God, yet denied knowing him on the night of Jesus’ arrest.  He would go on to become
the leading apostle of the church, giving his life for the sake of his call.  Join us as we take an in-depth dive
into the life, faith and character of Simon Peter.



August 20:        
The Fisherman from Galilee
Jesus see the possibilities in all of us
August 27:        
Sinking on the Water – A Bit Slow on the Uptake
Jesus overcomes our fears and doubts
September 3:    
A Rock or a Reed?
In our times of faithfulness, and in our times of failure, Jesus patiently,
and repeatedly, teaches and corrects us
September 10:  
A Night of Denial
God’s grace extends even to our failures

September 17:  

Feed My Sheep                           

Jesus commands each of us to make disciples; to love and serve others

September 24:  
Pentecost, Preaching and Persecution
Jesus uses all of us, unlikely disciples, to fulfill his mission
This series of sermons comes to us as part of our ongoing partnership with
The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS.
Rev. Adam Hamilton is delivering this series of sermons.
The sermons can also be viewed on the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection website: